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Slurrp Farm: A kids-focused food brand secures $7.2 million funding alongwith Anushka Sharma

Slurrp Farm

Slurrp Farm

Slurrp Farm is known to be a children-oriented food brand. It has the support of actress Anushka Sharma and has successfully secured around Rs. 59.9 crore, which is approx. $7.2 million, in its latest funding round. This round happened nearly after a 2-year gap. The funding round involved existing as well as new investors.

The participation of existing investors involves Fireside Ventures, Raed Investors, along with Sharrp Ventures. Also, Wholsum Food Private Limited, which is Slurrp Farm’s parent company, issued 3, 13,691 series C preference shares. This helps in gathering a specified amount.

As per the documents retrieved, the existing investors in the company are Fireside Venture as well as Raed Capital. Both of them contributed around Rs. 12.4 crore as well as Rs. 5.48 crore. Whereas newcomers like Alkemi Ventures as well as Madhurima International contributed around Rs. 17.5 crore each.

Plus, Sharrp Ventures, which is linked to the Harsh Mariwala family, invested around Rs. 7 crores.

About Slurrp Farm

Slurrp Farm came into existence in 2016 by Meghana Narayan along with Shauravi Malik. The idea behind this startup was to offer healthy and tasty food options to children. It offers a range of products like porridges, millet dosa, puffed snacks, cake mixes, etc. They are made with natural ingredients. Also, the products are free of any preservatives, flavors, etc.

The startup is also known to sell products online via its official website and various other e-commerce platforms in around 600 retail stores in India, the UAE, as well as Singapore. Slurrp Farm claims to have 5 lakh plus customers and is aiming to reach 10 lakh customers by 2024.

Slurrp Farm: Growth and upcoming plans 

Last year, Slurrp Farm saw massive growth, with its revenue doubling to Rs. 42 crore in FY23. This startup also got profitable at the unit at a similar time. It attributes its growth to the rise in the demand for healthy food options by parents.

With better and newer funding, this startup is planning to expand its distribution network, along with its product portfolio, and team. It is also planning to enter new markets like the UK, Australia, as well as Canada by the start of next year. The vision of Slurrp Farm is to be the global leader in the food segment for children.

Support offered by Anushka Sharma to Slurrp Farm

The startup has received support from Anushka Sharma, who is a Bollywood actress. She became an investor as well as its brand ambassador in April 2022. Sharma was impressed with the passion and vision of Slurrp Farm’s founder, which is to create healthy food products for young children.

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