Why buy a domain name ending with ‘.com’?

Buying a domain is a kind of long-term investment you are going to make to start with, therefore it is important to plan wisely. While purchasing a domain you may come across various domain extensions available, also known as Top Level Domain (TLD); Domain extension(s) are part of the name of the domain which comes after the dot. Domain extensions are broadly classified as Generic domain extensions and Country-specific domain extensions.

Country-specific domain extensions are usually associated with specific countries, you may not look for these kinds of domain extensions. For. ‘.in’ stands for India and somehow have limitation with respect to the location.

For starting a blog or business, generic domain extensions are for your consideration. These generic Domain extensions are generic in nature and are categorized into multiple options:

  1.  ‘.com’: Commercial businesses and general use, and this is accepted globally
  2. ‘.org’: this is used by Non-profit organizations
  3. ‘net’: this is used by Network-related entities.
  4. ‘.edu’: this is used by Educational institutions.
  5. ‘.gov’: this is used by government agencies.
  6. ‘.info’: this is used by information services businesses

While starting, it is best to use the ‘.com’ extension, as it has global acceptance and therefore with one single blog, you can target readers across the globe.

Some of the following important things you need to keep in mind while purchasing a domain:

  1. No Hyphens or no special character: Your domain should not have any hyphens or no special characters like *, @, #, etc; keep it a simple alphabetical name; so that it is easy for the audience to remember the name
  2. Avoid adding numerals or any unnecessary letter: Adding numerals or any unnecessary letter like an additional ‘A’ or some other letter. The idea is it keep the name simple and easy to remember.

Keep these things in mind while buying your domain name, because once start building your blog it will be very difficult the change the name once you have substantial traffic on your blog.


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