Emergence of Happilo: The man who have successfully built a Rs. 500 crore company


Emergence of Happilo

The best way to overcome any setback is by growing from it and putting the learned lesson into the endeavor. A lot of people who are successful in their leading business sectors have gone through different challenges. These challenges happen before they can be called the best in their respective fields.

One such person who is leading a successful business is Vikad D. Nahar. He is the co-founder as well as CEO of Happilo. Vikas went through 20 failures without giving up on his courage or confidence.

With his perseverance as well as his hard work, the company that he started with Rs. 10,000 is now worth around Rs. 500 crore. Happilo, his company, produces products like dry fruits and wholesome snacks.

About Vikas D. Nahar 

Vikar belongs to a family of farmers who formerly cultivated coffee as well as black pepper. Due to this reason, he always wanted to get into business and had a strong desire for it. When it comes to his education, he attended Bangalore University.

In 2005, he graduated with a computer science degree. Later, he started working as a senior import manager, and this was for Jain Group.

Vikas left his job to pursue his degree of MBA at Symbiosis International University. Later, he became the managing director at Satvikk Specialty Foods. He gained a lot of knowledge and experience by working there. And this helped him start Happilo.

Vikas D. Nahar also appeared on the famous TV show ‘Shark Tank’ in 2023 as a guest judge.

Vikas D. Nahar and his entrepreneurial journey 

The seeds of entrepreneurship were sown during Vikas’s childhood, as he saw his father as well as brother work on their farm from scratch. After resigning from the post of managing director at Satvikk Specialty Foods, he started almost 20 new ventures, but none of them worked.

In 2016, he started his new venture, Happilo, with around Rs. 10,000. This was revealed by him in a video. He even shared the other difficulties that he overcame to be a successful entrepreneur.

When he started Happilo, there were around two employees in the company. This is the best way to measure the kind of success that he is experiencing in his business. Happilo offers products that are easily and readily available on different e-commerce websites.

Also, the products are available in different physical retail stores in India. As per NBT, the valuation of Vikas’s company has successfully increased from Rs. 10,000 to around Rs. 500 crore.

More about Happilo 

In 2016, Happilo was started by Vikad D. Nahar. The company produces healthy snack items. Initially, the company produced ‘Trail Mix’ as its initial product, which was an instant hit. Currently, the company produces around 40 different types of dried fruit, 60 types of spices, as well as 100 types of chocolate.

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