Kay Beauty: Katrina Kaif’s beauty brand enters the UAE market in 2024

Kay Beauty

Kay Beauty Expanding wings

Katrina Kaif is a renowned actress, and now she has become a renowned entrepreneur. Her beauty brand, Kay Beauty, is now expanding to the United Arab Emirates, marking its international foray. This was a much-anticipated launch and took place at Nysaa, which is the UAE’s hottest beauty spot. The exclusive range of the brand is now available in the UAE.

The brand started its journey in collaboration with Nykaa, which is the country’s premier beauty retailer. Plus, the brand stands out as the country’s initial celebrity-led makeup brand. Kay Beauty is famous for its innovative approach as well as the top-notch quality of its products.

It has been able to rise quickly to prominence within the beauty market in India. The brand and its products are designed to blend high glamour with skincare. The range of products it offers is commendable; from lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes, foundations, etc., everything is crafted to meet the demands of different beauty enthusiasts.

Also, the brand follows a unique philosophy, which is ‘ItsKayToBeYou’. It is a message of self-acceptance as well as empowerment, championed by Katrina Kaif. ‘Along with the robust philosophy, Kaif promises the beauty enthusiasts a piece of Kay Beauty that is made especially for the people,’ as stated during the release of Kay Beauty.

The growth graph of Kay Beauty 

Since the inception of Kay Beauty, it has been able to see remarkable growth. The brand has been able to achieve a growth margin value of around Rs. 1.5 billion in around four years, along with establishing a strong presence in the Indian market, including online as well as in around 300 retail locations.

As stated by Katrina Kaif, the co-founder of Kay Beauty, ‘It gives me great joy to bring Kay Beauty to the land of the UAE. It was always a plan to bring Kay Beauty global and provide our products to customers in different geographies so that they could personally experience it all. Kay Beauty’s foray into the GCC allows us to easily get into the market that is dedicated to and loves beauty and Indian cinema. This is a strategic move to launch the brand in the UAE via an omnichannel retail presence. GCC welcomes different ethnicities, ages, as well as genders, along with the brand’s core philosophy, which is to cater to different skin tones.’

The strategic launch of Kay Beauty in the UAE

The company enters the UAE with an exclusive range of more than 60 SKUs for lips as well as the face. Also, there are more than 30 SKUs for nails as well as eyes, which will cater to the needs and preferences of all.

The brand commits to inclusivity as well as high performance, which is combined with a cruelty-free promise. It is a strategic move to launch the brand in the UAE, which will have a significant impact on the region, which is famous for its unique demographic, passion for Indian movies, as well as beauty.

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