Flytant: A Bengaluru-based influence marketplace raises funding in 2024


Flytant is a Bengaluru-based influencer platform that has been able to raise an undisclosed funding amount. It is from ShuruUp and aims to transform the marketing industry for influencers. The raised capital is going to help the company develop cutting-edge technologies. Plus, it is going to enhance the products and reinforce the position of the company as the top influencer marketplace.

Flytant: On the mission to become the second-largest platform for influencers 

The company started in 2020, and since then, it has been able to ascend to become the second-largest platform for influencers in the country as well as the third-largest in the world.

The company claims to have more than 600,000 registered influences as well as partnerships with over 1800 brands across the globe. Vivek Rai, who is the founder of Flytant, said that they are planning to expand their company in the USA as well as the MENA region. It will help the company establish itself as the biggest influencer marketplace. ‘We are changing the working ways of the influence marketing industry while ensuring that every influencer is able to monetize their social media content,’ he added.

Flytant: Working to democratize influencer marketing 

This platform is famous for its scalability as well as its democratized approach. This enables influencers of different sizes, be they nano or macro, to easily monetize their content.

Vivek Rai highlights the unique selling proposition of the company: its ability to make a connection between brands and influencers. It eliminates commissions and eases the collaboration process. Also, Flytant’s model is powered by AI algorithms, which match influencers with brands and challenge the agency-based approach.

Launch of Flytant Ads 

The company is planning to launch Flytant ads in the next half of the year. According to the company, This product will help influencers experience seamless access to sponsorships while allowing them to have great scalability for campaigns.

According to Vivek Rai, this product will be a game-changer in influencer marketing. It will facilitate direct connections between brands as well as influencers to experience effective collaborations.

‘With the increasing trend in influencer numbers and content creation amounts on social media platforms as well as content consumption, it is important to have a reliable platform that allows influencers to easily avail sponsorships directly from brands. Plus, this will help them monetize their content on social media,’ ShuruUp said.

‘Flytant allows influencers to monetize their work or content via sponsorships from different brands while strengthening their networking with other influencers. Also, to create as well as manage the portfolio without any manual intervention, and experience the scalability of Flytant. This will revolutionize the influencer marketing space,’ it added.

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