Shark Tank’s Yes Madam: A beauty and spa services platform secures around Rs. 1.5 crore in funding

Yes Madam

Yes Madam, is becoming a famous platform in the beauty and wellness industry. It is known for its convenience and transparency, which are revolutionizing salon services in India. This tech-enabled platform helps users book different kinds of beauty and spa services, such as waxing, manicures, pedicures, facials, etc., from the comfort of their homes.

The best thing about Yes Madam is its commitment to customer skin and hygiene care while taking care of products and disposables during the service. Everything is used once and comes in sealed packaging.

The founders of Yes Madam

Yes Madam was founded by four people: Arpit, Akansha, Mayank, along Aditya. Every person brings special skills and ideas as they come from different backgrounds, like engineering, merchant navy, etc. They have come together to solve the issues floating in the beauty industry. The story of Yes Madam is about starting a business and overcoming personal challenges.

Yes Madam, addressing the challenges of the beauty industry 

The startup helps solve issues in the traditional salon industry like making appointments, dealing with unskilled professionals, fake products, and much more. Yes Madam offers services where customers have the power to easily book salon service from the comfort of their homes.

It aims to ensure that every service is done by professional and trained people while using a safe and authentic product. Yes Madam, she also offers convenience and quality.

About salon market size and leading opportunities 

The beauty salon market in the country is massive and highly valued. Yes Madam, she is planning to enter this lucrative market by meeting the needs of the customers, which were not addressed earlier. It is creating benchmarks in service, quality, as well as customer support.

No wonder big companies such as Urban Company exist in this space. The founders of Yes Madam say that they have already created their place. It has been able to do it with the help of the cost of products and by offering customers the choice to select products.

Yes Madam: Pitch at Shark Tank India

Yes Madam Founders approached the show with the proposal of Rs. 1.5 crore in exchange for around 0.5% equity. This makes the total value of the company around Rs. 300 crore. However, the show moved forward with a dramatic turn, and the final deal got stuck with sharks, Aman Gupta, Ritesh Aggarwal, Vineeta Singh, as well as Piyush Bansal.

The sharks decided to invest around Rs. 1.5 crore in the company, but with a 2% equity stake as well as a 2% royalty until the invested money is recouped. This leads to a revised valuation of around Rs. 75 crore.

The founders revealed their plans to expand the startup in India while aiming to be the largest salon tech company in the country with their online and offline presence. Plus, they are committed to enhancing the professional as well as personal lives of their partners. Thus, creating a sustainable ecosystem helps benefit every stakeholder.

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