Mother Dairy Now Sells Buffalo Milk in Delhi

Mother Dairy

Introducing the Buffalo Milk Variant in Delhi-NCR: A Game-Changer by Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy, a renowned name in the dairy industry, has made a significant move by launching a new buffalo milk variant in the Delhi-NCR market. This Mother Dairy buffalo milk launch is not just another product release; it’s a strategic step toward meeting the growing consumer demand for high-fat milk.

With an ambitious target to make this segment a Rs 500 crore brand by March next year, the company is setting new standards in the dairy market.

The Potential of Buffalo Milk Variant

The new buffalo milk variant offers a rich taste profile and creamy texture, thanks to its 6.5% fat content and 9% SNF (Solid Not Fat), including the A2 protein. This makes the buffalo milk launch particularly exciting for consumers who prefer rich and creamy milk.

Initially, Mother Dairy will supply 50,000–75,000 liters of buffalo milk per day in Delhi-NCR, available in the market starting this week. The company aims to ramp up to 2 lakh liters per day by March 2025.

Mother Dairy’s Market Presence and Future Plans

Currently, the company supplies 35–36 lakh liters of milk daily in Delhi-NCR and 45–47 lakh liters across India. With this new buffalo milk variant in Delhi-NCR, the company is not just expanding its product range but also enhancing its contribution to the Indian dairy industry. Following the successful Mother Dairy buffalo milk launch, the company plans to introduce this variant in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Maharashtra within a few months.

Beyond Milk: Mother Dairy’s Diverse Portfolio

The company’s plan goes beyond milk. With a turnover of around Rs 14,500 crore last financial year, of which Rs 11,500 crore came from the dairy business, Mother Dairy has cemented its position in the market. The company, a subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), offers a range of products under the ‘Mother Dairy’ brand, including cultured products, ice creams, paneer, and ghee. It operates nine company-owned milk processing plants.

Additionally, the company has diversified into edible oils under the ‘Dhara brand and fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen vegetables and snacks, unpolished pulses, pulps, and concentrates under the ‘Safal brand.

Conclusion: Buffalo Milk Launch: A Milestone in Dairy Innovation

In conclusion, the Mother Dairy buffalo milk launch is more than just an addition to the company’s product line. It’s a strategic move towards fulfilling evolving consumer preferences for richer, creamier milk.

As the company continues to innovate and expand, its latest buffalo milk variant in Delhi-NCR is set to become a household favorite, reinforcing the brand’s expertise in providing quality dairy products.

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