Farmley transforms Healthy Snacking with Delicious Makhana-Based Chips in 2024


Farmley revolutionizing the Snacks market

Obesity is becoming a rising concern for the coming generation. Remember your mom always schooling you for eating a pack of chips? Well, gone are those days of snacking.

With its innovative Makhana-based snack sticks – Munchies, Farmley is redefining healthy snacks. The delicious chips are proof of Farmley’s commitment to health and wellness. They are addressing the alarming statistic from the World Obesity Federation that predicts 51% of the global population may face obesity by 2035.

Makhana: The Heart of Farmley’s Innovation

Farmley’s journey in the world of healthy snacks takes a turn with its Makhana-based munchies. Originating from the Mithilanchal region of Bihar, specifically Madhubani, Makhana (also known as Fox Nut) has a rich history. Farmed since the eighteenth century, this nutrient-packed ingredient is central to the brand’s latest offering.

With a commitment to quality, the company’s process from farm to palm is automated and self-regulated, ensuring the Makhanas are crisp, clean, and perfectly sized.

Delicious Blend of Health and Flavour

Munchies and chips are not just another variety of healthy snacks; they are a culinary innovation. These chips are crafted from Makhana flour, olive oil, and a carefully selected seasoning mix. The result? There are two scrumptious tastes – Masala Munchies and Achaari Munchies. Priced attractively at just INR 30 per pack, these chips make switching to healthier snacking options easy and enjoyable.

Accessibility and Availability: Consumer-Centric Approach

Farmley understands the need for easy access to healthy snacks. Hence, Munchies are available on quick commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Blinkit, Zepto, and Instamart, as well as in retail stores nationwide. This widespread availability reaffirms Farmley’s dedication to making wholesome snacking accessible to everyone.

Farmley’s Commitment: Beyond Just Healthy Snacks

Akash Sharma, the founder, stresses the fact that munchies represent more than just snacks. They are part of the brand’s ongoing focus to blur the lines between healthy and wholesome snacking. This commitment is evident in every aspect of Farmley’s operations, adhering to stringent standards and certifications like ISO and HACCP to deliver top-quality products.

Conclusion: Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle

The company invites consumers to explore the world of Munchies, it presents an opportunity to embrace health-conscious decisions without sacrificing taste. The introduction of Munchies is not just a product launch; it’s a pivotal moment in the healthy snacking narrative. With Farmley’s Makhana-based chips, snacking can be both yummy and healthy, a perfect blend for the modern consumer.

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