Pristyn Care targeting revenue of Rs. 1000 crore in FY24

Pristyn Care

Pristyn Care is a healthcare service provider. It has reported a massive increase in its consolidated income in FY23. The income rose to around Rs. 494 crore, which is a 46% jump from the earlier income of Rs. 339 crore in FY22. The company’s growth is accompanied by a 5% improvement in its EBITDA margins.

Pristyn Care: A strategic focus on the overall profitability

Pristyn Care is on a strategic path, which is to balance revenue growth with better profitability. The company is aiming to cut its burn rate by around 5% in the ongoing fiscal year. To fulfill this, the company is planning to make substantial reductions in its marketing expenses along with the optimization of personnel expenses.

However, despite the company’s EBITDA loss of around Rs. 393 crore in FY23, it is optimistic about managing this loss to Rs. 199 crore in FY24, even as its revenue is expected to increase two times.

Pristyn Care: Its Expansion and Diversification 

The company has expanded its services. This is done to include various new surgical categories like dental procedures, weight-loss surgeries, etc. The startup has expanded its already existing categories, such as gynecology, urology, etc. They are operating in more than 40 cities in India and have started offering services in Bangladesh.

Also, the company has launched its fit-tech brand, BeatXP, and reported an income of around Rs. 109 crore in FY23. This marks a 248% increase from FY22.

Pristyn Care’s operational efficiency and governance 

Pristyn Care has given attention to operational efficiency with more than 200 clinics and 700 hospitals, along with more than 400 in-house and high-specialty surgeons.

The company has also worked to improve the governance and IT environment by aligning proper control with industry practices. Moreover, a global accounting firm has been selected to check and offer improvements for a better framework.

It is aiming to surpass Rs. 1000 crore in revenue in FY24. Pristyn Care is also working to achieve EBITDA profitability by FY25.

More about Pristyn Care 

Pristyn Care specializes in selective surgery care. It was able to raise its initial round of funding in 2019 and showcase great financial growth within 5 years.

The company was able to achieve an income of around Rs. 100 crore in FY21 and a growth of 238% in FY22. As a healthcare company, it is highly dedicated to offering top-notch corporate governance. The auditors have reported that internal controls are proper and there are some areas for improvement when it comes to contract storage, pricing, etc.

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