Ayekart: An agrifood fintech startup successfully raises around $6.5 million


Ayekart is an agrifood fintech startup that targets the agricultural food segment. This startup has been able to raise around $6.5 million in a Series A funding round. This funding round was led by Omnivores, Unleash Capital Partners, as well as Siana Capital.

With the latest round of funding, Ayekart will work on improving its technological capabilities as well as increasing its operations. The company aims to reach a better and wider audience, and this also involves farmer-producer organizations, food manufacturers, retailers, as well as distributors from all over India.

Ayekart: Offering fintech and supply chain solutions

The company was founded in December 2020. In 2021, the company launched its commercial operations. Since then, Ayekart claims to have seen tremendous growth.

The company boasts a presence in 18 Indian states with more than 9000 active merchants. Also, it facilitates more than 2.5 lakh transactions with more than Rs. 21 billion in lifetime gross traded value.

The company offers fintech as well as supply chain solutions to every traditional business operating in the agrifood value chain. Also, it boosts their efficiency as well as convenience while protecting trust within the industry.

Ayekart: Working to maintain its profitability 

Ayekart has been able to maintain its profitability since 2020. It has a dedicated and trustworthy team of more than 150 members, and they are all spread across six different locations in the country.

Debarshi Dutta is the co-founder as well as CEO of the company. She said ‘Since the inception of the company, our unwavering commitment to have a positive impact on the lives of small farmers, agrifood MSMEs, as well as farmer producer organizations all over India, has been the focal point of our journey. We understand the difficult points that agrifood MSMEs face, which is the need for market linkages, getting finance, efficient technology, etc. to improve their businesses.’

She further added, ‘To address all these issues, our company has developed innovative and effective fintech solutions that are tailored to empower FPOs as well as agrifood MSMEs. Our company is not only working to address the gaps in the market and value chain but is also working to bring meaningful change that helps agrifood MSMEs. Plus, it helps with sustainable growth in the value chain.

About Ayekart

This agrifood fintech startup, Ayekart, was started by Debarshi Dutta along with Milind Borgikar as well as Ashutosh Singh in 2020. However, Dutta was with MasterCard, Fino Payments Bank, as well as BPC Banking Technologies. Whereas, Ashutosh Singh managed all the educational operations for companies like Pearson. Also, Milind is known to be a software engineer and used to work at Tata Consultancy Services, Vodafone, as well as IBM.

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