Sweet Karam Coffee: A Chennai-based snacking brand offering 100% authentic South Indian sweets

Sweet Karam Coffee

Sweet Karam Coffee: A Chennai-based snacking brand

With an ever-changing world, the culinary traditions of South India are facing a lot of challenges. The heritage recipes are at a higher risk of fading into memory. Families such as those of Anand Bharadwaj or Nalini Parthiban are in a dilemma. They are longing for the flavors of their elders’ kitchen, but there is very little room to prepare lengthy and time-consuming traditional recipes.

All of this is leading to a shift towards Western snaking options. There is hardly any availability of genuine, authentic, and preservative-free South Indian sweets. Further, it is resulting in a growing disconnection from South Indian culinary roots and the dominance of less-nutritious and less-produced Western snack options.

Sweet Karam Coffee: Offering South Indian sweets 

Sweet Karam Coffee is known to be a Chennai-based brand. This D2C brand is getting into the Indian snacking market by offering a wide variety of South Indian sweets, in-house filter coffee, meal mixes, etc.

The brand was founded in 2015 by Anand Bharadwaj as well as Nalini Parthiban. Sweet Karam Coffee is a tribute to South Indian culinary traditions. It aims to bring the rich flavors of South Indian cooking into every modern house.

About Sweet Karam Coffee 

The inception of this brand was inspired by the personal experiences and gap realizations of the founders. The gap in the market for preservative-free and genuine South Indian snacks. The journey of Sweet Karam Coffee started with an appreciation for South Indian recipes that were diminishing in the daily lives of every modern family.

Anand, along with Nalini, had a passion for authentic South Indian dishes. They embarked on a journey to revive these traditional recipes. They realized that many people face difficulty preparing these traditional dishes authentically. This led to the creation of Sweet Karam Coffee.

The ultimate goal was to offer snacks that are close to homemade without the involvement of palm oil or any preservatives. Be it Madras mixture, ribbon pakoda, peanut chikki, or any other snack, the brand captures the essence of South India.

Also, it uses traditional ingredients and cooking methods to retain the real taste and quality of the products.

Sweet Karam Coffee: Direct Sourcing Model 

The direct sourcing model of the brand benefits small-scale farmers by offering them a reliable market. Plus, the brand collaborated with home chefs, enabling them to scale operations and reach a massive audience.

With more than 100,000 customers and a presence in around 32 countries, Sweet Karam Coffee has been successful in taking the flavors of South India to an international audience. The success of the brand is attributed to its online presence.

Now, Sweet Karam Coffee is focusing on its expansion within India and globally. The $1.5 million pre-Series A funding round will allow the brand to grow and expand.

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