ISAK Fragrances: The aim is to bring back the beauty of Indian perfumery since 2017

ISAK Fragrances

ISAK Fragrances offers long-lasting fragrance

In the 1850s, Chhunnmal Vijayvergiya came to Lucknow to serve Rasookhdars and other royalty with attars. He rented a tiny shop in old Aminabad and started his business.

After a few years, Chhunnmal’s grandson, Gaurishanker Vijayvergia, joined this family business and got it into the B2B segment. He exported attars to the European market. After independence, the fourth-generation entrepreneur, Vasudev Vijayvergiya, entered the business. He set up a CMRD agency, where he used to sell the products to foreign and local markets.

The legacy was carried by three sons: Vijay, Vishal, and Vinod Vijayvergiya. But now molecular fragrances are ruling the market, where Europe and the US are leading everything. Somehow, the Indian perfumery industry has lost its charm and hold in the market.

To revive traditional fragrance attars along with molecule-based perfumes, the sixth-generation entrepreneur is stepping into the field. Vidushi Vijayvergiya founded ISAK Fragrances in 2017.

The popularity of Indian perfumery 

According to Vidushi, people have forgotten that buying perfume is about buying a feeling, and instead of dwelling on any branded perfumes, people should go with that feeling.

‘Indian perfumes are 20 percent more concentrated than French perfumes. This is why attars are long-lasting and very strong. But people are unaware of it,’ she adds.

Vidushi explains further: ‘I launched ISAK fragrance to meet the demand of people who want long-lasting perfumes. Indian perfumery is unexplored. Indian brands have either moved to the way of synthetic perfumes or they are not interested in evolving the attar.’

ISAK perfumes have natural extraction as well and blend easily to make a perfume. Vidushi even says that it is not easy to have an extracted perfume. This is why they create a blend of natural extractions with around 20–35 percent molecule-based fragrance.

Costing of ISAK perfumes 

The cost of ISAK perfumes is between Rs. 650 and Rs. 3000. The brand is available in the old shop in Old Aminabad. It is also present on Silkayra as well as Story of India, the e-commerce portals.

The stores of the brand are also available in Jaipur, Goa, Mumbai, as well as Ahmedabad. However, there were no comments on the turnover of the brand. But Vidushi said that in 2019, the company reached its breakeven point. In 2020, the revenue of the company grew by 20 percent as compared to 2019.

The plans for ISAK fragrance 

The sense of smell is the first step in creating the best experience. Vidushi says that via ISAK fragrance and its solutions, the brand is planning to be part of events, hotels, and even weddings while focusing on offering a holistic experience to every person.

The brand is working with some clients and is planning to be part of the gifting market with customized gifts. It is also taking the fragrance line internationally.

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