Shark Tank India 2024: Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Controversy

Shark Tank India

The Cricket Bat Manufacturers Association of Kashmir (CBMAK) has recently taken a bold step by filing a lawsuit against Sony Pictures Networks and Tramboo Sports Pvt. Ltd., the minds behind the acclaimed reality show “Shark Tank India.” This legal move comes in the wake of claims made during an episode broadcast on January 30th, 2024, which have sparked a significant controversy in the cricketing world.

The Core of the Shark Tank India Controversy

This whole controversy began with the Tramboo brothers’ assertion on “Shark Tank India” that they are the only manufacturers of cricket bats made of Kashmir willow. This statement was met with strong opposition from the CBMAK, a body that represents all cricket bat producers in the Kashmir Valley. The association argues that such claims have not only misled the public but also inflicted considerable damage on the business operations of its members.

The Impact on Local Manufacturers

The CBMAK has highlighted the adverse effects of these assertions, noting a “severe jolt” in the sales of their members’ bats and a tarnished reputation of the indigenous Kashmiri bat-making industry. Several professional cricket players use and endorse the higher-than-average quality bats made by the association’s members. This, they believe, underscores the baselessness of the Tramboo brothers’ claims on the national television platform. 

Legal Actions and Demands

In response to what they perceive as false claims, the CBMAK has taken legal steps by sending a comprehensive legal notice to Sony Pictures Networks and Tramboo Sports. The association demands an on-air apology to be issued within 15 days and seeks compensation amounting to Rs 100 crore for the alleged losses, harm, and mental suffering caused to its members. This bold move underscores the seriousness with which the CBMAK is approaching this matter, aiming to protect the interests and integrity of local bat manufacturers.

Awaiting Response

As the legal drama unfolds, the cricketing and business communities eagerly await a response from Sony Pictures Networks and Tramboo Sports Pvt. Ltd. The controversy has sparked discussions about the importance of accurate representation in the media and the potential repercussions of misleading claims on local industries and their stakeholders.


As the case progresses, it will not only determine the outcome for the CBMAK and its members but also set a precedent for how local industries are portrayed on national platforms. The cricketing community and fans of “Shark Tank India” are keenly watching as the situation develops, hoping for a resolution that upholds truth and fairness.

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