Chocolat Corner: Gurgaon mom turns Rs. 20,000 into Rs. 25 lakh

In search of offering the best and healthy cakes and cookies to her daughter, a mother hailing from Gurgaon, Vandana Mehta, founded Chocolat Corner. It started in 2017 and is now a business with Rs. 25 lakh revenue in FY23.

About Vandana 

The owner of Chocolat Corner is a health-conscious person. This intensified her concern about getting her daughter healthy cakes and cookies. Vandana has worked for many corporations in sectors like telecom, real estate, etc.

She used her culinary skills and started by baking healthy cakes at home. Vandana experimented a lot, and this led to a successful taste test. She later invested around Rs. 20, 000 for a commercial oven and other stuff.

This led to the launch of Chocolat Corner. Initially, she originated 3–4 confections and cake recipes. But later, it resulted in a diverse selection of 70 products like cakes, tea cakes, brownies, etc. She even highlighted the use of various healthy ingredients like oats, whole wheat flour, jaggery, nuts, etc. in her recipe. 

Other ventures by Vandana 

Apart from Chocolat Corner, she even launched a new venture, Blissfully Yours. This is a brand dedicated to healthy cookies that started in 2023.

The brand offers 12 varieties of cookies, like ragi cookies, breakfast cereals, oats cookies, jowar cookies, etc. Also, there is peanut butter, almond butter granola, etc.

Revenue from Chocolat Corner 

Initially, when Vandana was operating her Chocolat Corner business from home, she made around Rs. 1 lakh in revenue. However, when the word spread like wildfire, the overall revenue increased to Rs. 5 lakh in the initial launch of the brand. Since then, it has grown tremendously.

However, the prices are different for every product at Chocolat Corner and Blissfully Yours. The boxes of Chocolat Corner start at Rs. 350, the tea cakes start at Rs. 500, the 200-gram cookies start at Rs. 220, etc.

The chocolates and cakes by Chocolat Corner are only delivered in Gurgaon, but cookies are sold across Delhi, the NCR’s supermarkets. They are also available on the official website of the brand.

The prices at Chocolat Corner are comparatively low as compared to others. Blissfully Yours 200-gram cookies are for Rs. 220, whereas other brands sell 80-gram cookies for Rs. 200.

According to Vandana, since the pandemic, more people are preferring healthy foods. Vandana has a studio and a cloud kitchen. In the cloud kitchen, manufacturing is done, whereas packaging and other related things are completed in the studio.

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