RailYatri: The revenue for FY23 reaches around Rs. 300 crore, reducing losses by 59%


RailYatri is a Noida-based train ticketing platform. It is run by Stelling Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and is reported to have tremendous 2.3X growth in its revenue from different operations. It has led RailYatri to reach around Rs. 273.73 crore in FY23, whereas the revenue was around Rs. 117.21 crore in the last fiscal year.

RailYatri: Its diversified services as well as revenue sources 

The company was founded in 2014, and since then, it has expanded its offerings beyond information related to train tickets. It is now offering the IntrCity SmartBus service, which is an intercity bus service. This service is known to operate on different routes, like Delhi to Lucknow, Mumbai to Pune, Chennai to Coimbatore, etc.

Along with this, the company has introduced the ‘flexi-ticket’ feature, which helps with last-minute changes in any of your travel plans. It helps with better customer flexibility. It was co-founded by Kapil Raizada, Manish Rathi, as well as Sachin Saxena.

The company has been able to experience that around 93% of its revenue stems from overall roadway operations. Whereas the rest of the income of RailYatri comes from commissioning, advertising, as well as publicity efforts.

The company also benefited from different financial gains along with interests. It contributes to the total revenue of around Rs. 279.75 crore in FY23, according to the reports of Entrackr. RailYatri also includes around Rs. 6 crore, which was generated from interest as well as financial asset gains and even added to the growth of the company.

Smart financial allocation as well as expenditure analysis

The company allocated around 11% of its expenses to employee benefits. Plus, there is a great rise in its expenditure by 26.7%, which is Rs. 32.9 crore in FY23 from around Rs. 25.97 crore in FY22. It underlines the company’s initiative to nurture the workforce as well as create a healthy and supportive work environment.

The profitability of RailYatri 

RailYatri has been able to reduce its losses by around 58.5%. This brings them down to around Rs. 18.2 crore from around Rs. 43.87 crore in the fiscal year 2022. The reduction in their losses is because of efficient cost management as well as operational optimization.

The latest funding round of RailYatri 

RailYatri raised around $3.44 million in its latest funding round. This is via a combination of equity as well as debt financing, which was led by Mirabilis Investment Trust. The funding round also saw active participation from NRJN Family Trust, Omidyar Network, as well as Blacksoil. They are going to help the company expand its services in the sectors of travel and transportation.

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