2024: A Mumbai-based startup leveraging AI for carbon emission reduction A Mumbai-based startup leveraging AI

With India’s manufacturing sector continuously evolving, there are major concerns about the environment. Companies like steel, cement, etc. are contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. This is leading to an urgent need for innovative solutions that can help in reshaping manufacturing practices while allowing them to be sustainable and environment-friendly.

However, the integration of technologies like AI in manufacturing processes can offer a promising avenue to work on these challenges while offering a road to reduce emissions and have a sustainable sector for better economic growth. The founders 

Dr. Soudip Roy Chowdhury is known to be the founder and chief executive officer of the startup His journey involves fighting against autoimmune hepatitis because of industrial emissions.

About was founded in 2018. It is a California- and Mumbai-based startup. It offers a software-as-a-service-based platform. The startup helps asset-heavy manufacturers minimize Scope 1 emissions. These are direct GHG emissions from controlled sources.

The startup leverages AI-driven digital twins to offer real-time tracking of emission data as well as the performance of machines.

This latest technology helps with the precise measurement as well as the attribution of emissions to every individual machine and process. This also allows the detection of operational anomalies. empowers CXOs as well as operations engineers to implement correct actions as well as production processes to minimize GHG emissions.

The funding and investors of 

The company has been able to raise an investment of around $4.4 million. This is from Fractal AI via a SAFE instrument. The startup has plans to raise its next round of funding. This is to expand in the US, Latin America, & MEA markets.

The business model of 

The startup has a monthly subscription model that is tailored to every customer’s process line. It offers a comprehensive approach to emission tracking. This also involves emissions measurement, actionable recommendations, etc.

The single-point solution is different from competitors and is strategically expanding in its growth process via collaborative sales with important partners like Azure, Google Cloud, consulting firms like EY, etc.

The future and growth plans of 

The company has a target to help manufacturers minimize harmful emissions, equating to eliminating 40 million cars off the roads on an annual basis. The startup is also working on expanding its team and improving its sales strategies. This is to meet the increasing demand for industrial de-carbonization solutions.

The vision of the company is to combat climate change while protecting future generations. It is also going to play a pivotal role in the environmental intelligence platform market, which will surpass $3.28 billion by 2035.

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