Top Brands Endorsed By Virat Kohli, you will be stunned

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, the epitome of excellence on the cricket field, extends his influence beyond boundaries through many brand endorsements. Let’s delve into the array of top brands that have associated themselves with the cricketing maestro Virat Kohli.


In 2017, Kohli inked a mammoth deal worth Rs. 110 crore with Puma, spanning eight years. This association elevated Puma’s market presence in India and highlighted its confidence in Kohli’s unwavering dedication. The launch of the ‘One8 range of sneakers further solidified their partnership.

Blue Star:

Renowned multinational home appliance brand Blue Star roped in Virat Kohli as their brand ambassador in 2019. This collaboration aimed to infuse innovation into their products, enhancing customer satisfaction while elevating brand visibility and goodwill.

Audi India:

Kohli became associated with Audi, a premium automotive brand, in 2015 and renewed the partnership in 2021. His charismatic persona perfectly aligned with Audi’s performance and luxury ethos, significantly strengthening Audi’s position in the Indian market.


In 2016, Manyavar, a leading ethnic wear brand, enlisted Kohli as their brand ambassador to symbolize Indian traditions through elegance. The ‘Adha-Adha’ campaign celebrating the journey of marriage resonated deeply with audiences, amplifying Manyavar’s goodwill.

MRF Tyres:

Virat Kohli’s endorsement with MRF Tyres, beginning in 2015, continues today. His impact on the brand led to a significant increase in sales, earning him a substantial Rs. 12.5 crore annually.

Herbalife Nutrition:

Renewed in 2021, Kohli’s association with Herbalife aligned with his fitness ethos, contributing to the company’s market success in promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

Hero MotoCorp:

Endorsing the ‘Xtreme 200R’ motorcycle, Kohli’s partnership with Hero MotoCorp commenced in 2018, reflecting the brand’s fearless spirit and resonating with the youth.


Virat Kohli’s brand endorsements represent more than mere collaborations; they signify a strategic synergy between the icon’s ethos and the essence of the partnered brands. From sports and fitness to lifestyle and automobiles, Kohli’s endorsements have elevated brands and strengthened market position. This list is long, he endorses many more brands beyond this.

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