Fixderma: A Skincare Brand Defying the Trend


In the dynamic world of beauty, where trends shift in an instant, Fixderma stands out as a brand carving its unique path. While most Indian skincare companies embrace the direct-to-consumer (D2C) model, Fixderma proudly boasts an omnichannel journey, from doctors’ doorsteps to global recognition.

Today, we delve into Fixderma’s remarkable story, a testament to the power of quality, innovation, and staying true to your roots.

Fixderma: From Humble Beginnings to Omnichannel Mastery

Back in 2010, Fixderma wasn’t as digitally famous as it is today. Shaily Mehrotra, the brand’s founder and CEO, embarked on a challenging yet rewarding journey. Instead of chasing the D2C wave, she focused on building a strong foundation within the medical community. Doctors, dermatologists, clinics, and pharmacies became their initial touchpoints, a strategic move that earned them the trust of healthcare professionals and, by extension, patients.

“We weren’t a D2C brand,” emphasizes Mehrotra. “The online landscape wasn’t our starting point. We built our legacy in the real world, establishing trust and quality one consultation at a time.” This deliberate approach paid off handsomely. While India’s beauty and personal care market blossomed, reaching a projected value of 2 trillion Indian rupees by 2025 (Euromonitor International, Statista), Fixderma was already a respected name among those who mattered most—the skin experts.


Exports, Expansion, and the Power of “Fixing Derma”

Fixderma’s ambition didn’t stop at Indian shores. The brand, true to its name, aimed to “fix Derma,” the largest organ of our body. Their product portfolio, meticulously curated with problem-solving solutions, soon found its way beyond national borders. Today, Fixderma proudly exports to over 34 countries, with markets like Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and even Nepal and China succumbing to their quality and efficacy.

Breaking into markets dominated by established European players and the Korean skincare wave wasn’t an easy feat. Yet, Fixderma’s focus on doctor-approved formulations and a deep understanding of diverse skin concerns earned them a loyal following. “We’re in a sweet spot,” confesses Mehrotra. “Not only are we an omnichannel brand with a strong online presence, but we’ve also carved a niche in tough markets, earning the trust of doctors and consumers alike.”

The Future of Fixderma: D2C Growth and New Horizons

While Fixderma’s omnichannel strategy has been a cornerstone of its success, the brand understands the evolving landscape. Increasing brand awareness and a growing consumer appetite for online convenience have prompted them to dedicate even more attention to their D2C channel. This balanced approach—leveraging their existing omnichannel expertise while embracing the D2C wave—promises exciting opportunities for future growth.

Looking ahead, Fixderma sets its sights on conquering new frontiers. The Middle East beckons with its vibrant markets, while the highly competitive North East market in India awaits its innovative solutions. “The future is bright for us,” proclaims Mehrotra, and it’s hard to disagree.

Fixderma’s story is an inspiration for aspiring brands. It’s a proven fact about the power of staying true to your values, prioritizing quality, and adapting to changing consumer trends. From doctors’ doorsteps to global glory, Fixderma has rewritten the beauty rulebook, proving that authenticity and quality can pave the way to sustainable success in the ever-evolving world of skincare.

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