Created a luxury brand RaMa, with a 4.5 lakhs loan

The brand, founded in December 2022 and launched in April 2023, is known by the name of Label RaMa. This is a slow luxury apparel brand that uses sustainable materials in its offerings. Rajeswari Mavuri founded it. She studied international fashion retailing at the University of Manchester.

She comes from a family rooted in the art of trading and weaving. Due to this, Mavuri’s childhood revolved around all of it. Also, the exposure helped her develop a passion for textiles, detail, and quality.

Fast-to-slow fashion 

After joining the family business, Rajeswari learned about traditional handlooms. In 2016, she decided to shift gears and realized the environmental impact of fast fashion. This is how she decided to take the pledge and reduce her own wardrobe clutter. She decided to move towards slow fashion.

The story of Label RaMa 

During COVID-19, Rajeswari revisited her roots and connected with the local and struggling weavers. She decided to improve the lives of artisans.

With a loan of around Rs. 4.5 lakhs from her father, she started her brand RaMa in 2022. The initial three months involved intensive training, focusing on the art of working with muslin, the stitching process, etc.

Throughout this, the team grew, enhancing its capacity to create handcrafted and sustainable clothes. Today, the brand is a luxury, mindful, crafting temporary attire, etc. The brand creates clothing items like tops, co-ords, outerwear, etc.

RaMa’s journey of growth

Initially, only friends and family purchased from the brand. But later, Rajeswari learned about outreach and marketing activities. This led to new customers. Since then, the label RaMa had over 1000 satisfied customers via online sales on its official website and offline exhibitions.

Apart from India, they have collaborated with concept stores in France based on sustainable and handloom fashion.

According to sources, Label RaMa has been able to achieve revenue of around Rs. 50 lakhs. In around seven months, Rajeswari has helped many handloom artisans earn more.

On to better things 

The vision of Rajeswari when it comes to the label RaMa involves reviving, incentivizing, and even making handloom popular on a large scale.

The plans of Rajeswari include working on a standalone store in Paris along with strengthening the position of Label RaMa on a global level as a sustainable and mindful fashion brand.

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