Coursera Envisions India as Its Largest Market in the Next 1-2 Years


Coursera, a global pioneer in online education, sees a watershed moment in India’s educational environment. With a pupil base in the country expected to reach 23.4 million by 2023, the platform is on track to make India its largest market in the next 1-2 years, exceeding even the US.

Addressing India’s Learning Appetite: A Surge in AI Skills Demand

In a recent exclusive interview, Coursera Global CEO Jeff Maggioncalda emphasized India’s impressive growth in online learning. India’s learner base has grown by an astonishing 17 million since January 2020, making it the world’s most significant contributor. Maggioncalda stressed the nation’s excitement for learning artificial intelligence (AI), attributing the spike to a never-ending desire to learn.

Coursera’s Contribution to Bridging the Skill Gap

Maggioncalda stressed ensuring that acquired skills improve employability, particularly in a dynamic employment market driven by automation. Coursera’s dedication to providing quality education, particularly in high-demand fields such as AI, is critical in closing the skill gap and preparing students for the future labor market.

Optimistic Outlook for India’s Job Market in 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, Maggioncalda is optimistic about job chances in India, citing factors such as the country’s importance in semiconductors and manufacturing and the growing practicality of remote work. The Company plans to considerably increase its personnel in India, with most new hires expected to be based there.

NEP’s Influence on Coursera’s Approach

Maggioncalda also lauded India’s New Education Policy (NEP), considering it one of the most visionary policies globally. The NEP has allowed Coursera to integrate industry professional certificates into higher education programs in India, aligning with the evolving landscape of online learning and skill development.

Coursera’s vision for India extends beyond being a leading online learning platform—it envisions a dynamic future where India becomes a primary market driven by a population eager to acquire skills that align with the demands of a highly evolving job market.

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