Upliance.ai: Cooking Up the Future with AI Secures ₹34 Crore Seed Funding


AI in Your Kitchen: upliance.ai Transforms Indian Cooking

Imagine an appliance that not only helps you cook but also understands your preferences, learns from your culinary habits, and executes tasks autonomously. This isn’t a futuristic fantasy; it’s the reality of the company, a home appliance company making waves in the Indian market.

₹34 Crore Seed Funding Fuels Growth Trajectory

Khosla Ventures, a well-known investor in AI-focused startups, led upliance.ai’s recent ₹34 crore (roughly $4 million) seed funding round. This significant investment, valuing the company at ₹143 crore ($17 million), fuels their ambitious plans to expand production and reach.

From Dream to Reality: The Vision

Mahek Mody and Mohit Sharma founded the company to offer smart kitchen appliances to Indian homes. Their flagship product, simply named Upliance, is an AI cooking assistant that leverages machine learning and their proprietary “Up AI” model to transform the cooking experience.

Understanding the Art of Indian Cooking

“Traditional Indian cuisine is nuanced and diverse,” explains Mohit Sharma, co-founder. “Up AI delves deeper, understanding not just ingredients but also regional variations, personal preferences, and even cooking styles.” This deep understanding enables Upliance to offer features like:

  • Automated chopping, stirring, and mixing
  • Precise temperature control for perfect recipes
  • Voice-activated cooking instructions
  • Personalization based on user preferences

Early Success and Rapid Adoption

Launched in January 2023, Upliance has already found its way into nearly 1,000 homes across India. This rapid adoption highlights the increasing demand for smart kitchen solutions that cater to evolving lifestyles. 

Building on solid foundations:

Before this impressive seed round, upliance.ai secured pre-seed funding from Draper Associates, Rukam Capital, Rainmatter, and prominent angel investors. This early backing showcases their confidence in their vision and potential. 

Khosla Ventures: A Strategic Partnership

Khosla Ventures, known for its investments in industry leaders like Doordash, Block, and Instacart, brings valuable expertise and resources to upliance.ai’s journey. Their diverse portfolio across sectors like AI, consumer tech, and health aligns perfectly with Upliance.AI’s growth ambitions.

The Future of Cooking is Intelligent

With ₹34 crore in fresh funding and a powerful partnership with Khosla Ventures, upliance.ai is poised to redefine the Indian kitchen landscape. The company’s commitment to AI-powered innovation promises a future where cooking is effortless, personalized, and truly enjoyable. This is just the beginning of their exciting journey, and the aroma of success is already tantalizing.

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