WTF: A fitness startup raises Rs. 1.05 crore in an angel funding round


Witness the Fitness is a fitness technology platform. WTF has been able to raise around Rs. 1.05 crore in an angel investment round. This round was organized by renowned investors like Mohit Sadaani of the Moms Co., along with Deep Bajaj of Sirona, as well as Naiyya Saggi.

The funds are going to be used to improve fitness standards and availability across the country. However, the main focus is on Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

WTF: Working to improve fitness accessibility 

WTF was founded in September 2021. Vishal Nigam, Anita Nigam, and Arpit Nigam started this company or brand. The aim of it is to revolutionize the entire fitness industry in India. The company mainly focuses on making better changes and working to improve fitness accessibility. Also, it focuses on fitness quality in Tier II and III cities.

The startup has ensured to use of artificial intelligence to introduce a smart lease model. This model will help in transforming the already existing gyms into highly advanced gyms. The newly transformed gyms will require a modest investment of around Rs. 2–3 lakh.

According to Vishal Nigam, who is the co-founder and CEO of Witness the Fitness, ‘Our angels have unwavering belief in the mission of our startup that will push us to move forward. Their trust is offering us a powerful endorsement of the WTF model. Plus, our dedication, is to make high-end fitness experiences universally available for all.’

WTF is ensuring to be the leader in the fitness sector. They are focusing on utilizing cutting-edge technology along with data-driven insights and strong dedication to offer continuous improvement. This will allow us to provide outstanding value to every stakeholder. Plus, the startup will help in reacting to their objectives.

The impact on every gym owner and member 

Joining hands with Gym will allow every gym owner proper access to state-of-the-art technology. This will further help in simplifying workflows as well as providing additional revenue sources. The partnership with gym owners by WTF is mainly focused on maximizing sales. Along with this, it will help in attracting new clients and long-term success.

However, for members, it can help in getting access to top-notch quality and personalizing fitness experiences at genuine prices.

About Witness the Fitness

WTF is known to be a cutting-edge technology platform. They focus on changing how members, gym owners, along instructors interact with their gym space. The startup offers top-notch fitness services at genuine prices by optimizing gym operations, making trainer-member relationships strong, and utilizing AI-powered personalization along with data-driven insights.

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