Fittr: A Suniel Shetty-backed startup evolving from a WhatsApp group in 2023


Inception of Fittr: The lack of reliable and science-based fitness experts creates a barrier for people who want to achieve their fitness goals. Jitendra Chouksey got familiar with this problem. His journey of being bullied for his weight and later transforming into a fit person via fitness.

He noted that many people were struggling with similar issues and were grabbing the wrong information and ineffective fitness routines. This realization resulted in the inception of Fittr. This is a startup that focuses on health and fitness by offering accessible and science-based advice.

The founders of Fittr 

Along with Jitendra Chouksey, the founding team includes Bala Krishna Reddy, Rohit Chattopadhyay, as well as Jyoti Dabas.

Jitendra is an IT engineer by education and has worked for around 8 years in the tech sector. His journey involves self-education and experimentation. This has led him to understand the importance of quantified nutrition.

Jyoti Dabas is an MBA graduate, a doctor of Naturopathy, a certified life coach, as well as a certified personal trainer. This is not her initial venture.

Rohit started his journey in this startup as a member of the Facebook community. His transformation allowed him to understand his passion for fitness. Rohit then joined Fittr as a coach and, with time, became its co-founder.

Bala Krishna Reddy has done his master’s in science and worked for various corporations in India and the US. He joined Fittr when he was working at Ford Motors and got to know about his interest in fitness. 

The journey of Fittr

This startup started as a WhatsApp group. In 2014, Jitendra created a WhatsApp group. The positive feedback about the group led to the addition of co-founders of the startup.

Later, they created a Facebook group, which allowed everyone to connect with a massive audience. And in 2016, with an investment of Rs. 90,000, they launched Fittr.

The goal of the funding team was to create a platform where everyone can learn about fitness while transforming their bodies, get inspired, etc.

Services offered by Fittr

The platform offers personalized coaching that involves customized diet plans, workout plans, and consulting from more than 700 experts.

Plus, it features health programs like FITTR Care, FITTR Heart, etc. It offers people opportunities to become healthy and fitness coaches via paid courses offered by certified experts. It also leverages AI technology to help users in their overall fitness journey.

The plans of Fittr 

The company aims to make 50 million people fit and offer career opportunities to people in the fitness industry. The mission is to become a global social platform as well as a platform for fitness coaches. This can be done by offering them education, inspiring everyone to get fit, and transforming their lives.

In the next two years, the company is focusing on generating employment for 1000 plus fitness and nutrition coaches. It is also trying to bring a fraternity of fitness fanatics to add some innovation to the fitness industry.

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