Fittr’s Fitness Ascent: Rainmatter Infuses ₹28 Crores in a Numerical Leap


In a noteworthy development, Rainmatter, the venture fund affiliated with Zerodha, has propelled Fittr, the Pune-based fitness startup, to new heights with a substantial investment of ₹28 crores (approximately $3.5 million). This financial infusion follows the company’s prosperous 2021 fundraising round, securing about $11 million from prominent investors, including Elysian Park and Surge. With this latest boost, the company’s cumulative equity funding since its establishment in 2016 stands impressively at $17 million.

Elevating the Wellness Ecosystem: Rainmatter’s Strategic Move

Rainmatter’s strategic investment in Fittr is more than a financial injection; it’s a calculated move to bolster an already thriving ecosystem in the health and wellness sector. Rainmatter’s portfolio, which includes Aroleap, Devils Circuit, Ultrahuman, Trunativ, and Humanedge, finds a new synergy with the company. This strategic alignment expands Rainmatter’s influence and positions Fittr within a collaborative network of health and wellness startups, fostering potential synergies and mutual growth.

The company, which recently reported quarterly profits, is on an annual recurring revenue run rate of ₹120 crores. The startup’s financial health is becoming increasingly robust, leading Fittr founder Jitendra Chouksey to articulate aspirations for a future public listing. However, before contemplating such a significant move, he underscores the importance of establishing a sustainable and profitable business.

Empowering Personalized Fitness: Fittr’s Rise in Numbers

With approximately 250,000 monthly active users and over five million app downloads, the company has carved a distinctive niche in online fitness and nutrition coaching. The platform, known for its personalized training regimens, has become a one-stop solution for individuals seeking tailored fitness solutions.

As Fittr takes upon this new chapter with Rainmatter’s substantial investment, the startup receives more than just financial backing. Still, it is also gaining access to collaborative opportunities within a dynamic health and wellness startup ecosystem. This numeral-backed boost signifies a significant milestone in Fittr’s journey toward shaping a sustainable and prosperous future in the fitness tech domain. The alliance with Rainmatter not only strengthens Fittr’s financial foundation but also opens doors to collaborative innovation in the ever-evolving world of fitness technology.

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