Sachi Mittal’s OTT Skyncare to enter Tier-2 markets in the country

OTT Skyncare

OTT Skyncare believes in making no compromises

A woman knows the true value of clean, gentle, and effective skincare products. No wonder; the market is filled with many brands, but the best products with a blend of nature are hard to find. But with OTT Skyncare, women need to look no further.

It is a skincare brand that launched in March 2022. The brand holds the power of flowers and offers an indulgent and efficacious solution for everyone’s skin.

Sachi Mittal has always been a skincare enthusiast. However, it was during the COVID-19 times that brought her closer to Indian skincare options. But soon she realized that Indian skincare brands, no matter if they are affordable, natural, luxury, etc., could not match the global luxury skincare brands. The global luxury skincare brands are high in quality and overall experience, as per Sachi.

Also, she said, ‘I had an undying obsession with flowers that can heal, moisturize, soothe, cleanse, and do much more to the skin. And Indian skincare brands have not been able to harness the true potential of flowers.’

All of it led her to OTT Skyncare, which is a high-quality and pocket-friendly luxury skincare brand. It is inspired by floral alchemy. As per Mittal, ‘I wanted to offer everything rich experience in skincare, including product quality, packaging, customer care services, etc.’

The brand strives to offer the best to the customers, no matter what size pocket they have. OTT Skyncare works on offering top-notch experiences with high-quality and luxury skincare of global standards to consumers without making a hole in their pockets, according to Sachi Mittal.

‘Also, the brand relies on scientific innovation as well as potent concentrations to make the most of rich botanicals that offer skin potions with amazing results,’ shares Mittal. She continues, ‘The brand launch was simple. We initially launched daily-routine products like serum and facewash rather than targeted-concern products.’

OTT Skyncare: Focusing on the growth 

OTT Skyncare is still in its first phase, and it is all natural for a brand to go through different challenges before becoming a tough player. ‘People have doubts about new brands. But our products are dermatologically tested, and they are going to gain the trust of all,’ as per Mittal.

Another challenge that the brand is facing is making consumers understand the category of flowers and the fact that they are not completely natural. But the brand is going great as the Indian skincare segment is in its best phase of growth.’

OTT Skyncare is going to launch the anti-aging range by the end of 2024. Plus, it is going to step into the Middle Eastern market. It is also going to establish its presence in multi-brand stores like Nykaa or Sephora. The ultimate goal is to enter tier-2 markets in India.

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